May it be research, summarization, deposition, drafting complaint letters or perhaps interrogatories, the services of a paralegal are essential to any law firm. RAFFLES LEGAL comprehends the dynamics of these services, the cost and time savings that are derived from valuable paralegal outsourcing services. We provide round-the-clock, well-trained paralegals to present our clients with trustworthy support for all their requirements.

Being a professional legal outsourcing office, we strive to cater to your needs effectively with our commitment to reliable, stable and secure operational values and ethics. Our paralegal support services would not only help to cut down costs but additionally maximize profits and lend more time to pay attention to the core functions.

Overview of Our Paralegal Outsourcing Services:

Case Management:

  • Reviewing, organizing, indexing and summarizing client files
  • Preparing different correspondence
  • Preparing a variety of pleadings

Discovery Preparation:

  • Drafting Subpoenas, Interrogatories, and Discovery Demands
  • Detailed Analysis Reports of Depositions and Interrogatories
  • Witness Summary

Trial Preparation:

  • Witness report summarization
  • Document summarization for discovery
  • Property search from public records
  • Document Management with the use of software case map

Legal Document Production:

  • Contracts
  • Power of attorneys
  • Case Information statements
  • Property Settlement agreements

Editorial Support:

Editorial support to publishers who are looking for value-added enhancements to their publications. Our services comprise of:

  • Abstraction of case law and legal journals
  • Indexing legal material
  • Legal research
  • Copy editing

Proofreading Services:

  • Reviewing and rectifying spellings
  • Making grammatical changes, if needed
  • Confirming uniformity in typefaces throughout the document
  • Determining accurate and consecutive numbering of several elements like page numbers
  • Looking for errors in formatting
  • Validating table of contents with elements like titles and subtitles
  • Validating the appropriateness of in-text illustrations
  • Real Estate Title Search
  • Data Entry Services