RAFFLES LEGAL’s team is proficient in managing your contracts by maintaining a comprehensive database, where all the contracts are uploaded. These contracts are monitored on a regular basis to:

  • Keep a track of important dates pertaining to contract renewals, and generating alerts for the same,
  • Examine the contracts for completeness,
  • Identify missing contracts,
  • Review contracts for compliance, and
  • Evaluate contract spending

RAFFLES LEGAL sets the perfect benchmarks for contract reviewing and management in the legal process outsourcing (LPO) sector. Regardless of whether your contractual requirements are recurring or come up on a project-to-project basis, we offer a customized solution to correspond with your requirements.

Our attorneys are competent enough in undertaking projects such as reviewing, recommending clauses, integrating language to the existent clauses and pinpointing prospective contractual obligations. Our team helps you save time, allowing you to become more well-organized and achieve volume savings.